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Best Ab Exercise Equipment

Everyone wants to have great abs. Yet, if you expect to find a listing of various ab machines that will help you to get six pack abs in "6 seconds" or "5 minutes a day" in this article you will be disappointed.

The only way to flatten your stomach and develop great six pack abs is to get rid of your body fat first. And this can only be achieved with a properly designed full body workout program and proper nutrition. Currently two of the most popular and recognized abs programs on the internet are Mike Geary's "The Truth about Six Pack Abs" and Tom Venuto's "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle".

However, this is not the scope of this article. We are not going to tell you which are the best and worse ab exercises nor are we going to advertise any of the useless ab machines on the market. We will show you some of the ab equipment out there that can really help you add some variety to the same old exercises that work the abs.

Exercise Floor Mat

Many men and women still include standard crunches in their ab workouts and do different variations of this popular ab exercise. Getting a high quality exercise mat will prevent your back from grinding into the hard floor. Of course you can always use a folded towel or plushy carpet for the same purpose.

Exercises Ball

The exercise ball is great equipment for strengthening the abs and allows for practically unlimited number of exercises. It will help you not only work some hard-to-reach muscles but also improve your balance and overall coordination.

An exercise ball can actually make your abdominal workout more effective. Here are some of the benefits you can get by using an exercise ball for your ab workouts:

  • achieve almost double recruitment of the abdominals;
  • get additional 15 degrees range of motion for your ab crunches;
  • increase the oblique's contribution by over 4 times;
  • increase the overall intensity of your ab workout since your entire body and nervous system will work harder to do all the stabilizing work.

Free Weights and Dumbbells

As we have pointed out before, resistance is what really develops the muscles. Having this in mind, it is always good to have a few weight plates in order to increase the resistance on your regular crunches.

As you can see we don't recommend any ab belts, ab-loungers, ab-rockers, and any other ab machines for your ab workouts. What you need to get the great six pack you want is some real full-body workouts and real nutrition strategies. The ab equipment listed above can only enhance your ab exercises and perhaps add some variety to your workouts.

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