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Common Abdominal Workout Mistakes

One of the most common goals of both men and women in the gym is to get great abs. The abdominal muscles are not so hard to develop but getting them to show is another thing; some never reach this goal because of various mistakes they make in their abdominal workouts.

Just as it is necessary to know the right principles for how to get ripped abs, it is just as important to know what mistakes you should avoid. Therefore, here are the most common abdominal workout mistakes.

1. Failing to plan workouts.

Many people go to the gym day after day without a pre-determined workout regime, doing whatever they are up to or whatever abdominal machine is available. Working out this way will only doom you to failure. In order to get your muscles properly developed and to burn fat effectively it is a prerequisite that you have a preliminarily designed proper resistance training program. Failing to plan your workouts will fail you in your quest for great abs.

If you need the aid of a qualified personal trainer in order to plan the right abdominal workout program for you, you can visit Tom Venuto's website and get a copy of his book "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle".

2. Not changing your workout routine.

While it is true that consistence is needed in order to get an adaptive response by your muscles, it is also true that you need to change your workouts or your muscles will adapt and stop responding. This doesn't mean to change the exercises at every workout. What it means is that you need to change the number of sets and reps, vary the weights, and most importantly increase the challenge continuously in order to see progress.

3. Avoiding weight training.

A common misbelief among men and women who work out in order to lose their belly fat is that they need hours and hours of aerobic exercise in order to burn the excess fat in their bodies. Aerobic exercise certainly helps for that purpose but in order to increase significantly your overall metabolic rate and burn fat not only during the workouts but also after them you will need a consistent weight training program.

4. Focusing mainly on abdominal exercises.

This is one of the most common and probably one of the biggest mistakes men and women make when it comes to training abdominal muscles. In their efforts to make those abs show many people spend most of their workout training their abs directly. Losing your belly fat is the most important aspect of getting great abs and that just cannot be achieved effectively if you don't work your body as a whole. In order to get a better metabolic and fat burning response you will need a full body workout program.

5. Comparing your abs to that of others.

Don't compare yourself to others and keep your expectations realistic. Of course you will see men and women with perfectly flat stomachs and great six pack abs in the gym. However, comparing yourself to them can only make you frustrated and discouraged. Instead, try to focus on your own progress and goals. Visualize yourself having the abs you have always wanted and work on achieving that; this will keep your motivation up and get you closer to your goals.

As they say, everyone makes mistakes. However, with the proper preparation you can avoid future ones. There are many fitness guides on how to get your abdominals in shape so get one and educate yourself at least on the basics. We can recommend you the comprehensive fat-burning program "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" developed by Tom Venuto; his e-book is one of the best-selling guides on burning body fat and getting six pack abs.

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