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Fat Burning Cardio Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

Too many people spend much time with slow steady pace cardio wrongly assuming that this will help them burn belly fat and lose their pot belly. What those people should understand is that such moderate intensity aerobic training is just a waste of time if the goal is fat loss.

If you are a "cardio junkie" and your goal is fat burning, then at least choose variable intensity training, or interval cardio. This is the better way to stimulate the greatest metabolic and hormonal response in your body.

To prove our point that you should bet on interval cardio training, just take as an example the physiques of sprinters versus marathoners. You will probably agree that most sprinters are very lean, muscular, and powerful looking. At the same time the typical marathoners are somewhat emaciated and lack that powerful look of sprinters. So which one would you prefer to resemble?

Steady Pace Cardio vs. Interval Training

To start with, you should know that steady pace endurance cardio can be in fact harmful. The excessive working out with steady state endurance exercises (for example more that 60 minutes per session almost every day) can degenerate joints, increase the free radical production in the body, and reduce your immune function causing a pro-inflammatory response in your body that can eventually lead to some chronic diseases. Not to mention that it wastes muscles which you definitely don't want if you want to burn fat and build great abs.

The variable cyclic training, on the other hand, is known to increase the anti-oxidant production in the body and cause an anti-inflammatory response. Additionally it increases the metabolic rate response which is what you want if your goal is losing belly fat.

Defenders of steady state endurance training claim that it trains the heart. While this is true, it is also true that it trains the heart only at a specific heart rate range. In contrast to it, highly variable cyclic exercise trains the heart to respond to a variety of demands and recover from them, thus teaching it to handle every day stressors.

Variable Intensity Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

There are many sports that can provide you with the benefits of variable intensity physical training and help you maximize fat burning and lose that belly fat. Most competitive sports naturally include variable stop-and-go motion. Such are football, basketball, tennis, hockey, etc.

Additionally, you can implement the interval training on a regular treadmill. Your interval training session can look something like this:

  • run fast for about 1 minute
  • walk for 1.5 minutes
  • run faster than the first time for about 1 minute
  • walk for 1.5 minutes

Start with a warm up and repeat those steps 4 times for an intense 20-minute fat-burning workout.

If you would like to get a professionally designed ab training program that includes resistance training, high intensity cardio-vascular training and healthy nutrition diet strategies, you can get a copy of "The Truth about Six Pack Abs" e-book. It will surely help you lose your belly fat for good and achieve great abs.

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