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Flat Stomach Exercises Tips

Nowadays the majority of exercisers for a flat stomach still rely either on a long duration moderate paced aerobic routine or on crunches, sit-ups and all kinds of other exercises focused solely on the abdomen. This is a big, major mistake and here is why:

To start with, aerobic exercises that are performed at a moderate pace for longer periods of time burn fat only during the exercises. This may sound good for those who want a flat stomach but it is actually bad.

The reason is that such workouts send a signal to your body that you will need energy for the next workout and make it store a certain amount of fat for that future exercise. So what actually happens is that you burn some fat during the exercise and when it is over you begin to store fat for your next workout. Obviously this is not the best strategy for getting a flat stomach.

So if moderate paced aerobic exercise is not the answer, then what is it - hundreds of crunches, leg raises, and sit-ups a day? Wrong again.

Of course, abdominal exercises are really helpful for strengthening your core and maintaining a healthy back. However if you really want a flat stomach and especially six-pack abs, they will not be enough. Exercises that are focused solely on the abdomen simply don't burn enough energy in order to get you rid of your stomach fat. You will just need something more.

The Right Exercises for a Flat Stomach

  • Don't focus only on direct abs exercises; they should be only a small part of your workout routine.
  • Bet on big multi-joint exercises for the larger muscle groups of your body; this will significantly increase your metabolic rate not only during your workout, but also for about 24-48 hours after it. Additionally, this will promote the fat-burning hormones and make your body burn fat more.
  • Focus on big multi-joint exercises at a high intensity and very short rest periods between sets.
  • And a final tip for you: remember that direct abs exercises are not the solution to a six pack abs.

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