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Getting a 6 Pack Abs: Myths and Facts

There is so much conflicting advice on how to get 6 pack abs and so much false advertising that it is no wonder many men and women end up frustrated, hopeless, with broken spirit, and a stomach that is far from flat and even farther from the long desired six pack abs.

Well, it doesn't have to be this way. Anybody can have washboard abs - all you need is to learn the right facts about getting a 6 pack abs and start following the right program ("The Truth about Six Pack Abs" would be a good start if you want more information on the subject).

Below you will find the most common myths about getting 6 pack abs and the facts that counteract them.

6 Pack Abs Myth #1

"Do ab exercises in order to spot reduce your belly fat."

Unfortunately, spot reduction is not possible. At best you will increase the endurance or strength of your abdominal muscles, but you will not burn the fat in the abdominal area. The only way to do that is to reduce your overall body fat.

6 Pack Abs Myth #2

"My genetics prevents me from getting 6 pack abs."

Genetics is a factor indeed and it may be a lot harder for you to burn belly fat because your genetics but this does not mean that this is impossible. Follow a good program with proper exercise and healthy diet and though it may take awhile you will get your 6 pack abs.

6 Pack Abs Myth #3

"Abdominal muscles should be worked differently from other body muscles."

Abdominal muscles are just muscles. Just like the other muscle groups in your body your ab muscles need time to recover after workouts. Train your abs just like the other muscles in your body.

6 Pack Abs Myth #4

"Do hundreds of repetitions of abs exercises to see great results."

You need to realize that abs strength training is the key to keep your stomach strong, not the repetitions. Additionally, ab exercises are not enough. What you should do to get great 6 pack abs is to incorporate your ab exercises into a complete full-body exercise routine.

6 Pack Abs Myth #5

"You can't get great 6 pack abs without special ab machines and ab equipment."

This is what the great number of infamous infomercial are trying to convince us. However, you should know that you don't need any special equipment in order to get great abs. In fact some of the most successful programs for getting 6 pack abs don't include any supplements and ab equipment other than some weights (dumbbells) or an exercise ball.

Don't waste your money on the next useless ab machine or bottle of pills or powder. For a complete full body training program that will help you burn your body fat and build the great 6 pack abs you want, get a copy of  Mike Geary's "The Truth about Six Pack Abs" book.

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