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How to Do the Ab Crunch Exercise

Many people make the common mistake of neglecting the importance of performing exercises correctly. Not only can this cause problems (such as back problems as is the case with most ab exercises), but it can also make your exercises less effective.

So here is how to do the ab crunch exercise correctly:

  1. Lie on the floor on a mat (or anything else that will keep your spine from grinding against the floor, such as a folded towel, a carpet, etc.).
  2. Bend your knees with your feet resting on the floor or support your lower legs on a bench.
  3. The position of your hands is also optional: cross them on your chest, leave them relaxed beside your head or at your side, or cross them behind your head. Avoid interlacing your fingers when you hold your hands behind your head since this will make it too easy to drag your head up with your arms.
  4. Begin your movement by doing a pelvic tilt and then curl your upper body up. Look up at the ceiling, instead of forward between your knees while you are doing this.
  5. Pause when you reach about halfway to an upright position (there should be approximately 12 inches between your shoulders and the floor) and hold this contraction for a moment.
  6. Slowly uncurl resisting the gravity's pull.

Remember that resistance is what really develops your ab muscles, not the repetitions. In order to increase the resistance on ab crunches you can hold a weight plate or dumbbell either on your chest or behind your head. The farther away the weight plate is, the harder the ab crunch exercise will be.

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