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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

How many times have you heard that the best way to get rid of belly fat is to exercise regularly and eat right? Probably every time you search the net for a way to lose your belly fat. Easier said than done, isn't it?

Many of us have tried dozens of various diets, banned fat from our meals and done hundreds of crunches and sit-up and still haven't managed to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. Why are these efforts so ineffective and what needs to be done to get rid of belly fat?

"In their quest for 'six pack abs', the biggest mistake I see people making is wasting way too much of their time training their abs directly," says Mike Geary, author of The Truth about Six-Pack Abs.

If you think a little you will see the logic behind his words. As you probably know, belly fat is just stored energy. In order to get rid of it you will need to burn more energy than you get with food. Crunches, sit-ups and other exercises focused solely on the abdominal area just don't require that amount of energy to burn your belly fat and change the appearance of your waist and stomach.

In order to achieve real fat burning you will need a full-body training program that works the largest muscle groups of your body with short rest periods between the exercises and a high intensity.

Another setback people encounter in their efforts towards a flat stomach is food. With so much conflicting and confusing information about what foods should be included in a proper fat-burning diet deciding what to eat can be really difficult. So here are some tips for you that will help you choose the right food for getting rid of belly fat:

  • Forget about fad diets; forget about low-carb or low-fat diets! Diets will only make things worse since you will slow down your metabolic rate, lose lean muscle, and as soon as you start eating normally again you will gain even more fat than before.
  • Your daily diet should be balanced and full of a diverse array of foods delivering balanced amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Your body needs all the macronutrients in order to function properly.
  • Keep your diet as natural and as unprocessed as possible. For example, instead of refined sugar choose the natural sources of sugar such as fruits.

For a comprehensive program that will help you get rid of your belly fat you can visit Mike Geary's website and get a copy of his book "The Truth about Six-Pack Abs" - this is one of the most recognized and highly effective programs for burning off belly fat and getting a lean ripped flat stomach and therefore we highly recommend it.

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