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How to Work Out Your Abs

When it comes to working out abs, we often think of standard sit-ups and crunches: useless, boring, and so ineffective! Read on to find out why these exercises should be excluded from your ab workouts for the most part and how to work out your abs properly and effectively.

Let's begin with sit-ups. This ab exercise remains one of the most popular exercises for working out the abs, which is sad because it is not only one of the least effective abs exercises but it is also dangerous.

Nowadays it is widely considered that sit-ups impose unwanted strain on the back. Additionally, the hip flexors are frequently overworked since they do most of the work; the abdominal muscles are in fact responsible for just about the first 30 degrees of the sit up motion.

This brings us to crunches. They are a common replacement of sit-ups and require that you lift the torso up to only about 30 degrees, while preserving the lower back on the floor.

Regardless the fact that both crunches and sit-ups can be performed correctly so that they will be safe to perform, they remain among the abs exercises that provide the least amount of resistance. And as you know, resistance is what really develops and tones the muscles.

How to Work Out Your Abs Effectively

First, you should remember that abs exercises are not going to burn your stomach fat even if you perform them every day. Great six pack abs cannot be developed through endless repetitions of crunches and sit-ups.

In order to develop your abdominal muscles you will need resistance abs exercises only about twice a week. In order to burn your belly fat and actually see your six pack abs, you will need a full-body training program that will work all of your muscle groups and of course good nutrition.

Here is Tom Venuto's championship-winning abs workout routine:

Venuto low body fat six pack abs He does only about 15 minutes of abs workout, two times per week, performing from two to four exercises per workout, with about 10-25 repetitions per exercise.

A1 Hanging straight leg raises:

3 sets, about 15-20 reps

A2 Hanging knee ups (bent-knee leg raises):

3 sets, about 15-20 reps

No rest between the supersetted ab exercises A1 & A2, 60 sec rest between supersets.

Note: "Hanging leg raises" is one of the most difficult and in the same time one of the most effective abdominal exercises you can do. Most people find it difficult to perform it with proper form but if you do this exercise right you will see that it is absolutely one of the most effective exercises for your abs.

B1 Weighted exercise ball crunches (or weighted cable crunches):

3 sets, about 15-20 reps

B2 Incline bench reverse crunches:

3 sets, about 15-20 reps

No rest between the supersetted ab exercises B1 & B2, 60 sec rest between supersets.

For more effective abs exercises as well as a complete full body training program that will help you burn your body fat and build the great six pack abs you want, get a copy of  Tom Venuto's "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" e-book. Having seen what Tom's abs look like on the picture above, you already know that his program is worth it.

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